May 16, 2019

Logmore Feature: Model One

While our model Three isn't a "Logmore Feature" in itself, model One Logmore QR tags can claim to be so. It sports the same sensor capabilities as our standard rugged model, but the tiny price tag and modifications make it distinct in its benchmark group: a true data logger that can be used for real end-to-end monitoring.

A quick explanation on the models

As we've tried to explain in most of our material, Logmore QR tags come in three varieties, each designed for different use cases. Since some sort of distinction between different models is needed for clarity, we've dubbed them simply with numbering: One, Two, Three. In this post I'll talk pretty much only about model One, a true data logger that can replace similarly priced indicator stamps while being capable of so much more.

What is the model One?

This much is probably clear: what we've officially labelled "Logmore QR tag model One" is a data logger, a device that uses internal or external sensors to collect data on specific variables such as temperature or humidity. Like all Logmore QR tags, it comes with a subscription to the Logmore Web cloud service.

In contrast to the model Three I presented last week, model One is as simple as it can be while retaining the full capabilities of a real temperature logger. The One is also the model the Association of Finnish Pharmacies recommends to its members for temperature monitoring of pharmaceutical shipments. Now, let's move on to the specifics.

What can I do with a Logmore One?

Compared to pretty much any other data logger on the market, our model One has a distinct capability that others don't usually offer: the opportunity to use the logger from the very start of the supply chain to the end, from the producer to the end-user, be the use for B2B or personal use. However, the small price tag comes with only two sensors, albeit the most important ones for many cases: temperature and light.

So, let's get to the main advantage: one-way use. As said, the model One is exceptional in the sense that it offers all the attributes any normal temperature logger would, along with the ease-of-use and access to cloud service common to the Logmore service. This is the simple reason that makes the One ("the One", sounds pretty epic when you think about it, huh?) particularly suitable for one-way use. Small price tag, easy to use... Yeah, plenty of data and effortless quality assurance for both you and any customer you might want to share that data with.

What can I use the One for?

So, there's two factors you can monitor with the One.

Practical use cases for the One include the obvious shipping and storing for products that might be damaged during transport. As some examples:

Temperature sensitive goods like medicine, vaccines, beauty products and foods.

Light sensitive items again, pharmaceutical goods and many chemicals. Especially dermatological products tend to be all-around sensitive.

Additionally, like in the case of the other models, you could take advantage of the light sensor and use the QR tag as a seal - if the package containing the tag is opened, the light sensor will show it in the measurement history. Better yet, the time of the opening is visible in the data.

By the way, the One is also extremely cheap, making the idea of using just for the sealing purpose realistic.

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