Data loggers for end-to-end logistics condition monitoring

Care must be taken when transporting fragile and perishable goods. We can help with scalable and cost-efficient data logging for your organizations' monitoring needs.

Starting at 2€ per month.

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World's first QR data logger

Logmore QR data logger is the solution to truly enable end-to-end logistics monitoring.
One click activates the data logger, a scan of the QR code wirelessly uploads data.
All data is easily accessed and analyzed with automated reports.

No infrastructure needed

Data is collected with any smartphone or 2D scanner. No installations or changes to your infrastructure.

Sensors for all needs

Temperature, humidity, shocks, light and tilt. The data most relevant to you, in one data logger.

Reduce data logging costs up to 90%

Cost-efficient service saves you money and superior usability time.


Trusted by the industry

Teams of every size, shape and kind have already made Logmore part of their supply chain.

Logmore QR data loggers are really good and fulfilled expectations exactly. And earned us some envious glances from the other contestants. Using them is easy and effortless, and retrieving the needed data is accessible.
Tapio Bergström
Culinary Team Finland

Powerful platform to track, get insight and scale your operation

Logmore QR data loggers track condition data (temperature, humidity, light and shocks) based on what is relevant for you.
Attach the Logmore QR data logger and link the logger ID to your shipment with a new Mission in the cloud.
Logmore QR data loggers save the collected condition data to the cloud with every scan.
View reports, deviations and charts directly in the Logmore Web.
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Logmore works everywhere

Logmore QR data logger is equipped with accurate built-in sensors and enough internal memory for over 20 000 measurements. The amount of measurements stored in the cloud is unlimited.
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