Introducing the World’s first QR data logger

Decrease your data logging costs by 99%

Smarter data logging: Based on a dynamic QR code, Logmore works with any iOS or Android smartphone. The full history data is synced to the cloud within a second.

No more need for cumbersome USB data loggers - simply scan the Logmore QR tag and access the logged data instantly in the cloud.

Try it now - Test our dynamic QR code

Scan the QR code with your phone to test the Logmore Cloud Dashboard


Try it now

Scan the QR code with your phone to test the Logmore Cloud Dashboard

Works on all internet connected Laser Scanners and iOS or Android smartphones.

Everything stored in the cloud

Logmore QR data logger covers all your monitoring needs.
Recognize damage and spoilage occurred during shipping and storing in seconds.




Ambient Light



Zero investment in infrastructure – everything is in the cloud

Fast setup
even faster usage

Logmore tags work out of the box and do not require configuration. Our unique setup process takes merely 10 seconds and you’re ready to start logging data in no time. Monitoring environmental circumstances such as shipping conditions has never been this easy.

Open the package

In most cases factory settings are just perfect, but if you want to change the settings for the tag, put it on your smartphone’s screen and let it do the magic.

Start logging

The tag starts measuring immediately when you open the package. Sensor data is stored in the dynamic QR code. Every time the data logger tag makes a measurement, it updates the dynamic QR code. Simply attach the tag to a package to monitor its shipping.

Scan & review logged data

Scan your data logger tag with any device and the data is immediately uploaded to the Logmoer cloud service, where you and your whole team can review it securely to find out what has happened to the shipment.

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Speed and accuracy

Rethink your data logging and move to the cloud

Exponentially faster syncing

Data upload to the cloud is blazingly fast

5 sec

vs 10 min

Competition average sync time ±45 sec.

Simple pricing

Get all the benefits of the complete data logging service package starting at 1€/month

1 EUR /month

  • QR Tag
  • Sensors
  • Calibrations
  • Cloud
  • App
  • Unlimited data
  • Unlimited users
  • Reports
  • Alerts
  • Web user interface
  • Integrations
  • Open API
  • Support

State-of-the art sensor technology

Choose the variables you need to track and take your monitoring to the next level


±0.5°C Accuracy


±2RH% Accuracy


+-16g & +-50g range


Scale from moonlight to sunlight


Tilt 360 XYZ


GPS from
your device

Explore our models

Logmore QR data logging tags are equipped with accurate built-in sensors and internal memory for up to 20 000 measurements, which is enough for months of unattended data logging.

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Join the future

Order Logmore QR tag subscription. All subscriptions include the QR data logging tag, the Logmore Web service complete with all features, unlimited amount of users, unlimited history access and open APIs. Minimum subscription is 12 months.

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