New Standards

The connected platform for modern condition monitoring.

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Make decisions based on data

See what is actually happening in your supply chain. Turn the unknown into measurable, ground-level operations into data that can be analyzed.

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From low visibility

to full visibility

Monitor everything, continuously

Bad quality products

Automate workflows

Manual processes

Scan to prove delivery

Lack of forecasting

Instant online access to data

Low customer satisfaction

A new era
of data observability.

Cloud powered. Anyone with a smartphone can contribute to the data.

Scan the Logmore data logger with any smartphone and get boots on the ground. Anywhere in the world, regardless of infrastructure.

Building blocks for supply chain transparency.

Logmore is always connected and in sync. Upgrade your visibility, regardless of size and complexity.

Connected. Smart. Logmore.

Logmore is the world’s most advanced data collection solution for any industry. Open the channels to measure anything from condition data to end-user satisfaction.

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