Making the world smarter,
one measurement at a time

Making big data and IoT a reality

It all started from chopping firewood for the upcoming winter. Very Finnish. Perhaps because of the name alone, on more than a couple of occasions, our company has been imagined to enhance the handling of logs. Instead of the logs, the innovation was a beginning of a revolution of Internet-of-Things.

That woodchopper was Antti Tapio. When Antti made it back to the office he sat down with Janne Juhala and Niko Polvinen. This team of three did not only came up with superior technology, but also unique business model and leading user experience. Logmore was founded.

Our Mission

Logmore makes the world smarter, one measurement at a time.
With our cost-efficient and easy-to-use data logging service, we are making big data and IoT a reality.

We wish to reduce the loss and waste of pharmaceutical goods, food, chemicals, and other easily spoiled and damaged products in a global scale. After all, no one benefits from goods being simply thrown away instead of being used. Towards these ends, our service aims to help ensure that those goods arrive at their destination securely and usable. We see it as a win-win situation for both the recipient and the sender, when there is no need for reclamations, disputes or even questions on why or how the delivery could or should be improved in the future - for both sides' benefit.



Monitoring of ambient circumstances and conditions of many products such as pharmaceuticals is critical. Environmental variables like temperature and humidity can cause many drugs to lose their effect. The worst case scenario happens when the substances change from healing to harmful. This is why the circumstances must be monitored: they simply can’t be unknown. Logmore helps you to monitor the logistics chain from end to end to save lives. We want to make it easier for doctors to know the quality of the pharmaceuticals they are using everyday. We want to help.

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Data logging industry has been using proprietary connectors and USB for the last 20 years. This has been holding back the growth of big data because of the slow usability. With our data loggers and services, we bring the next revolution to the industries relying on data loggers. The initial step forward was made because of the enormous amount of time and money saved, but the big picture is painted with artificial intelligence. AI needs data and we make it possible to get it.



50 billion USD is lost every year due to cargo damages. These different kind of damages and cargo losses are killing the environment. The material and the products that have been lost or damaged needs to be reproduced, the damaged shipment has to be disposed and a new shipment has to take place. Every step causes not only financial requirements to the producer, shipper and recipient, but emissions and trash as well. When we find out the reason behind the damages, we can stop them from happening. We believe damage can be prevented and the environment can be saved.