Making the world smarter,
one measurement at a time

Making big data and IoT a reality

It all started from chopping firewood for the upcoming winter. Very Finnish. Perhaps because of the name alone, on more than a couple of occasions, our company has been imagined to enhance the handling of logs. Instead of the logs, the innovation was a beginning of a revolution of Internet-of-Things.

That woodchopper was Antti Tapio.

Roughly 20 years had passed since the previous major step in the monitoring industry's development. The old systems barely help make sure that goods are usable when they reach their destination, because so much data is lost.

Without that data, companies have to scrap usable products, or (in the worse case) sell potentially spoilt goods.

When Antti made it back to the office he sat down with Janne Juhala and Niko Polvinen. This team of three did not only came up with superior technology, but also unique business model and leading user experience. Logmore was founded.

Our Mission

Logmore makes the world smarter, one measurement at a time. With our clear, fast and secure data logging service, we are making big data and IoT a reality.

We work to help companies reduce the amount of wasted goods by making sure the data is accessible to all relevant parties.

We see it as a win-win situation for both the recipient and the sender when there is no need for reclamations, disputes or even questions on why or how the delivery could or should be improved in the future - for both sides' benefit.

The Logmore Culture

Putting our set of values or our way of life in writing wasn’t an easy. Here are our main values. The list is not perfect, but gives a pretty good idea of who we are and how we do things.

1️⃣ Free and responsible

We define how we work, where we work and when we work. That’s freedom and we value that immensely. This freedom brings out the best in us. We trust each other and feel responsible for our selves, our colleagues and Logmore.

2️⃣ We decide for ourselves

We do what we think is right. We share as much information, knowledge and context as we can, inside and outside the company. We trust and rely on each other. We are transparent and constructive when we fail. We talk when we’re not aligned. People are trusted and equipped to make the best decision for the company on their own.

3️⃣ Speed as a habit

We’re fast. We always ship, deliver or close. If needed, we are not afraid to kill projects as fast as we started them. We are open minded and flexible. 80% done is better than 100% perfect in almost all cases, without forgetting our high standards.

4️⃣ Stay lightweight

There are no extra points for growing hierarchy, complexity or fixed expense. We keep the company flat and lean. No dead weight: everyone in the team is an integral part of it.

5️⃣ Learn as we go

Nobody is perfect and we all want to get better - especially in things we’re interested in or passionate about. A common goal is that everyone gets to do things they like and get to improve at them as much as possible.

6️⃣ Our own biggest critic

Again, nobody is perfect and getting constructive feedback helps us get better and succeed. We stay critical with the candour feedback and by questioning everything we’re not sure about. Even the smallest victories are worth celebrating!

7️⃣ Logmore is us

When we talk about Logmore (or Logmori), we mean the people that work at Logmore. We’re a group of smart, interesting and ambitious people. We could work anywhere, but chose to work here. And we are the reason we do.

Together, we feel responsible for keeping each other happy, healthy and learning. We look out and take care of each other.



Monitoring of ambient circumstances and conditions of many products such as pharmaceuticals is critical. Environmental variables like temperature and humidity can cause many drugs to lose their effect. The worst case scenario happens when the substances change from healing to harmful. This is why the circumstances must be monitored: they simply can’t be unknown. Logmore helps you to monitor the logistics chain from end to end to save lives. We want to make it easier for doctors to know the quality of the pharmaceuticals they are using everyday. We want to help.

Non-profit humanitarian organization in need of temperature loggers? Contact us now



Data logging industry has been using proprietary connectors and USB for the last 20 years. This has been holding back the growth of big data because of the slow usability. With our data loggers and services, we bring the next revolution to the industries relying on data loggers. The initial step forward was made because of the enormous amount of time and money saved, but the big picture is painted with artificial intelligence. AI needs data and we make it possible to get it.



50 billion USD is lost every year due to cargo damages. These different kind of damages and cargo losses are killing the environment. The material and the products that have been lost or damaged needs to be reproduced, the damaged shipment has to be disposed and a new shipment has to take place. Every step causes not only financial requirements to the producer, shipper and recipient, but emissions and trash as well. When we find out the reason behind the damages, we can stop them from happening. We believe damage can be prevented and the environment can be saved.