May 2, 2019

Logmore Feature: Flasher

In the fourth part of our series on Logmore Features, we come to talk about another Logmore innovation, the Logmore Flasher. As the name indicates, it is based on flashing a light rapidly, but what is the reason for this? Well, like many other Logmore innovations, it has to do with data transmission. Now let's dig into it.

The Logmore Flasher, which has both a very descriptive but at the same time confusingly vague name, is simpler than one might imagine. As the tool used for individual tag configuration, it cannot be difficult to use, but technical descriptions tend to make its function and use sound more complicated than necessary.

As every use case likely has slightly different monitoring needs, configuring logger settings to better suit those needs is often necessary. Naturally in the case of large batches of loggers intended to be used with the same settings for a longer time, we provide the tags with the settings prepared, but for the occasional fine-tuning and specialization, the customer can use the Logmore Flasher.

It's like morse code, but light

The principle is easy: you use a device like a smartphone or a tablet to determine your settings in Logmore Web, and then place the tag on the screen, screen-against-screen. The rest is completely taken care of by the program. When the settings are being uploaded to the logger, Logmore Flasher blinks black and white "morse code" to the device.

While it looks a bit strange or even alarming, this exactly the way the Flasher is supposed to work.

The flashing is 100% intended, that's the way the Flasher works. Don't worry about it, but maybe don't stare at it either!

Wait, how do I use it again?

Using Logmore Flasher is easy. If you're a Logmore customer already, you probably know almost everything if not everything that can be found in our cloud service, Logmore Web. (If you are not and don't know, explore a bit using our demo account. It's free and clarifies the service a lot!)

  1. Navigate to the Loggers page (easily available in the navigation sidebar)
  2. Find the tag you want to change the settings for (the search function is your friend)
  3. Click "open"
  4. Choose the setting you want to modify by clicking "edit" next to it (for models One and Two the only setting is measurement interval)

Great, you've found the light configuration page, nicknamed "the Flasher". Follow the instructions provided on the page. For simplicity's sake, I'll add them here as well:

  1. Select new configuration settings below and select Continue
  2. Long press the button on the tag (screen shows "Downloading new config...")
  3. A black rectangle will appear on your screen. Place the tag on the rectangle screen side down
  4. Press "Run config"
  5. Wait for light config to finish. The settings will be transferred to the tag by flashing light in a specific pattern
  6. Tag screen shows "Configuration download successful"
  7. Scan the tag to save the new config to cloud

To sum up

The Logmore Flasher is a simple but unique tool designed for adjusting the settings for individual Logmore QR tags. In many organizations it can be ignored completely, and chances are you never have to use it. On the other hand, if you deal with many different needs, you might use it regularly. In either case, it's worth knowing that the feature exists and how to use it. As said, it's easier than it sounds!

Did you enjoy this post? Be sure to take a look at the previous posts in the series, Missions, Alerts and Scanning. We publish new content weekly, discussing both a Logmore Feature and a less specific topic. Please look forward to next week's posts on data transmission methods and the model Three!

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