April 25, 2019

Logmore Feature: Scanning

Our third Logmore Features post is here, the fundamental element of scanning! Scanning is a central element of the Logmore service. In fact, almost all of our guides start along the lines of "1. Scan a QR tag...". Now, let's discuss not only the "how" but also the "why" of the scanning process.

Anyone who's visited our website knows that we're all about using QR codes for data logging data transmission, and most have probably noticed the prompts to scan the codes visible all over our site. While we talk less about scanning than the codes, it is a vital flipside of the same coin, our way of making data retrieval as easy as it can be.

There are many ways to scan the codes, and you can use any QR reader (or a laser scanner connected to a computer) to scan a Logmore QR Tag. For most use cases, we recommend the Logmore Scanner.


Scanning a Logmore QR code is as easy as scanning any QR code. Pick a QR code reader app if you have one handy, aim it at a QR code and that's it. In difficult light conditions it might take you a try or two, but in ideal conditions you barely have to even target the code before it's scanned! To help with the lighting issue, we've actually even added a flashlight function in our Logmore App - by clicking the volume+ button on your smartphone, the app uses your phone camera's flash as a light, making the QR easy to read.

Scanning a QR code is easy. Just pick a scanner app, aim at a code and wait a second.

Why should I scan the codes?

In our case, the QR codes are the way to upload all the data logged by that QR tag to our cloud service, Logmore Web. Unless the tag is scanned, the data remains securely in the device memory. While it's nice and safe there, it's as safe in the cloud - and effortless to analyze there.

Logmore Scanner

Now, let's talk a bit more about our own Logmore Scanner. The scanner is a simple QR code scanner and a part of our own Logmore App (available in the Google Play Store). Like our service in general, we've designed it with usability as our focus. As a part of the Logmore service, the app seamlessly connects Logmore Web with the QR tags.

The Logmore App has four functions: single scan, bulk scan, (scan) history list and quick access to Logmore Web. In this post we'll only discuss the first two, but knowing about the other two is useful as well.

And as mentioned, there's a flashlight included in both of the app's scan modes. If you're having trouble scanning codes, try switching the light on by pressing the volume+ button, which you can most likely find on the side of your smartphone.

You can find Logmore Scanner in the Google Play Store.

Single Scan

Single scan is an obvious feature, one that any and all QR code readers can handle. Literally the easiest thing that can be done right after unwrapping a tag, it's a matter of point-and-wait, not even point-and-click. In fact, it feels rather silly to write a guide for scanning a single scan, but here goes:

  1. Find a QR reader app in your phone. If you don't have one, install one.
  2. Open the app. The first thing you probably see is a reader view.
  3. Target the rectangle on the screen at a QR code so that the code fills the rectangle
  4. The scan should work right away when the camera has focused on the code (unless it's too dark for the camera)

In the case of Logmore QR codes, the scan should either give you a link to Logmore Web as a pop-up or take you there right away. Try it on any QR code you see on our website!


Bulk Scan

The bulk scan is easily available in our Logmore App. Most QR readers tend to be cumbersome if you want to scan more than one QR code at a time. In the case of our service, that is quite likely. For that reason, the bulk scan (labeled "scan multiple QR codes" in Logmore App) exists.

The bulk scan feature allows you to scan multiple QR codes in a rapid succession to maximize efficiency. Simply open Logmore App, click the multi-scan option and start scanning, all data is uploaded as you go and you can access it from the main menu of the app.

Mass Scan

In most cases, we recommend to scan our QR tags with either our own app or any other QR code scanner mobile app. In some cases, such as certain pharma companies, using a 2D barcode scanner instead may be preferable due to all the products going by a desk with such a scanner in any case. To fit that need (and to eliminate the need for a smartphone in certain cases), we've developed a feature in Logmore Web.

If you have laser 2D code scanner connected to your PC, you can use the Mass Scan page to scan the QR Tags quickly and easily. To use the mass scan feature with a laser 2D code scanner, go to web.logmore.com/mass-scanner, place your cursor on the text field (as instructed in the mass scan view) and scan QR Tags with the laser scanner. The scan data is listed under the text field chronologically in a descending order.

Did you enjoy this post on the Logmore Feature, scanning? Tune back next Thursday, when we talk about the mysterious Logmore Flasher. (No, not an infamous criminal with a history of public indecency, but something entirely different.) In the meanwhile, take a look at the first post in this series, Missions or read some of our other blog posts. See you next week!

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