April 29, 2019

Logmore Becomes the Recommended Solution for Pharmacies in Finland

We participated in the Finnish Pharmacy Event Apteekkari2019, where the Association of Finnish Pharmacies officially started recommending Logmore as the service for pharmacy temperature monitoring. Since vaccines and other pharma products are very temperature sensitive and the requirements set by the industry are strict, we're both humble and grateful for the honor.

Last week, our COO Niko Polvinen attended the Finnish Pharmacy Event Apteekkari2019. In an event with lots of familiar faces, we got the chance to represent on the same stand as the modern delivery service Eezery and the Association of Finnish Pharmacies (AFP) itself.

The event provided Niko and the attending pharmacists an excellent opportunity to get acquainted. As usual in events like this, Logmore roused a lot of interest among the attendees and the stream of visitors to the stand was steady. In fact, the overall feeling was similar to Slush2018, where all of the attending Logmori (that's us, the Logmore people) got to pitch the service almost non-stop.

Niko representing on the stand - he hardly got opportunities to catch his breath between all the demos.

The representatives of the AFP gave a great presentation on the positive experiences related to the use of Logmore QR tags in practice. The pilot experiences have been a great success, and AFP confirmed this in the best way possible. We're proud to say that Logmore is now the temperature monitoring solution AFP recommends to pharmacies. The co-developed concept is the first in the world to enable easy monitoring of temperature throughout the supply chain from the producer to the end-user. This covers not only physical retail, but online shopping and webstore-to-consumer shipping as well.

While meeting the attendees, Niko also got good feedback from the pilot pharmacies. Since the AFP and the pilot pharmacies have had a chance to actively participate in the development of our service through feedback, the customer satisfaction has been phenomenal. A special mention was given to the the usability of the QR tags: the ease-of-use is clearly a key factor that separates us from all the other data logging companies out there.

Logmore also got some additional visibility on the Magnum Medical stand. Our familiar roll-up was featured almost in the middle of the stand, where it was sure to be seen by visitors.

Logmore was featured on more than one stand - our roll-up was also at Magnum Medical's section of the event.

Are you still wondering what we're about? Take a look at our blog posts What is Data Logging? and Three Reasons Data Logging is Vital for Your Pharma Company to learn more about the basics of data logging especially in the context of pharma, or read the Logmore Feature posts Missions, Alerts and Scanning to see what our service offers. More will follow!