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Logmore Wins the start.hub Logistic Start-Up Contest
June 7, 2019

We're happy to announce that Logmore has won the start.hub Logistic start-up contest at Transport Logistic, the world's leading trade fair for logistics and transport. We're honored, as the competition was really tough and any of the participants would have deserved the win.

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Logmore Feature: the Web & Model Three Update
June 6, 2019

The most recent major update to the Logmore Web is tied to the recent release of the model Three data logger tags. The unparallelled versatility of the model Three QR tags obviously requires the cloud service to accommodate it, but also makes so much more possible. This may be a short post, but an important one. Without any further ado, here's a highlight on the updates.

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Logistics of Wine and Fine Beverages
June 4, 2019

Two words: "fine drink" - what's the first thing to come to your mind? The odds are that wine would be your answer. Globally known and appreciated, fine wine is surprisingly sensitive and needs to be transported and stored with care.

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Cold Chain Technology
May 28, 2019

With such a large amount of temperature-sensitive products being transported daily all around the world, cold chain technology has developed a lot over the years. Now, how do we use the technology we have available to us?

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Logmore Is Now a Member of AIPIA
May 23, 2019

We're pleased to say that Logmore is now a part of AIPIA, the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association. AIPIA’s mission is to decimate supply chain costs, reduce waste and increase its members profitability by the implementation of hi-tech solutions in packaging. Does that sound familiar?

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4 Tips for Fresh Produce Spoilage Reduction (Part 2/2)
May 21, 2019

In our previous article in this series, we tackled everything one would need to know about food spoilage: What it is, what causes it, and why it is such a global problem. But how exactly can food spoilage, particularly within the supply chain, be reduced or halted completely? The amount of fresh produce and food in general that never reaches the consumer is absurd and needs to be dealt with.

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Logmore Feature: Model One
May 16, 2019

While our model Three isn't a "Logmore Feature" in itself, model One Logmore QR tags can claim to be so. It sports the same sensor capabilities as our standard rugged model, but the tiny price tag and modifications make it distinct in its benchmark group: a true data logger that can be used for real end-to-end monitoring.

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Food Spoilage is a Bigger Problem Than You Think (Part 1/2)
May 14, 2019

Food spoilage is a major issue in our economy today. When one thinks about food spoilage, they often think of how food goes bad in homes. It is indeed an issue. Nearly 150,000 tons of food is thrown away in households every day in the US alone. This could measure up to a third of the calories that Americans consume. Out of all types of food, fruit and vegetables are the most likely to be thrown away. While there are certainly things one can do to combat this in our own households, a bigger issue is arising. From farm to store, supply chains are struggling with a food waste issue as well, and it’s on a global scale.

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Logmore Feature: Model Three
May 9, 2019

Alright, the Logmore QR tag model Three is not a feature in itself but a product. However, it packs such an amount of features that it is definitely worth talking about in more detail.

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RFID vs QR as a Data Transmission Method
May 7, 2019

One of the big questions we're asked before a customer buying our data loggers is "why QR and not RFID?" While we're obviously biased as a company, here's a personal explanation, as objectively as possible.

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Logmore Feature: Flasher
May 2, 2019

In the fourth part of our series on Logmore Features, we come to talk about another Logmore innovation, the Logmore Flasher. As the name indicates, it is based on flashing a light rapidly, but what is the reason for this? Well, like many other Logmore innovations, it has to do with data transmission. Now let's dig into it.

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7 Reasons Data Logging is Your Company’s Hero
April 30, 2019

Current AI is like a giant game of telephone. Devices are connected to each other and to available data through the internet of things. You’re probably familiar with it. It’s how you can change the temperature on your thermostat when you’re on vacation out of state. How your home security system can send you a notification if your front door is open. How your phone can recognise which song you are listening to and give you the title and performer without you even asking it. Data is logged and sent to various databases, and that data is used to make sure you get the information you need for a given circumstance. Without data, AI can’t act. In fact, what's slowing down most companies from fully utilising current AI technology is a lack of organised data. Without a doubt, data logging is essential to business success, and here’s why...

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Logmore Becomes the Recommended Solution for Pharmacies in Finland
April 29, 2019

We participated in the Finnish Pharmacy Event Apteekkari2019, where the Association of Finnish Pharmacies officially started recommending Logmore as the service for pharmacy temperature monitoring. Since vaccines and other pharma products are very temperature sensitive and the requirements set by the industry are strict, we're both humble and grateful for the honor.

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Logmore Feature: Scanning
April 25, 2019

Our third Logmore Features post is here, the fundamental element of scanning! Scanning is a central element of the Logmore service. In fact, almost all of our guides start along the lines of "1. Scan a QR tag...". Now, let's discuss not only the "how" but also the "why" of the scanning process.

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6 Important Trends in Logistics: 2019-2020
April 23, 2019

Over the past decade, e-commerce has continued to take over our lives, and it's changing the very foundation of our economy. Due to the growth of online purchasing, this has required supply chain management teams and logistics professionals to find more efficient ways to manage inventory and pump out products at a rapid rate.

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Logmore Feature: Alerts
April 18, 2019

Our second part of the Logmore Features series explains our new alert system. Alerts streamline the process when something has in fact gone wrong in the shipping or storing, allowing an employee to react faster and more precisely to unwished events. As usual, we've designed the system to be as easy to use as possible, making it possible to implement an alert in only a few clicks in the best situation.

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Digital Logistics: What Is It, and How Will It Impact Your Organization?
April 16, 2019

As the world continues to become increasingly connected, and internet-of-things (IoT) takes the supply chain industry by storm, organizations have much to gain from the introduction of this new operating approach known as “digital logistics.” Digitization, in its simplest definition, is the process of collecting data from disparate silos or buckets and aggregating it to create a holistic view of individual processes from beginning to end.

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Logmore Feature: Missions [Updated 9/2019]
April 11, 2019

As the first part of our Logmore Features series, this blog post explains the purpose of "Missions" and how they make your work simpler, faster, more practical and above all, easier.

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The Importance of Global Air Freight
April 9, 2019

For companies shipping products overseas, ocean and air freight are the only options. And when time is of the essence, ocean is ruled out. So, let's turn to air freight for answers.

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A Short History of Supply Chain Management
April 2, 2019

Supply chain management forms the backbone of most economies and successful multinational companies today. From humble beginnings to global standards, its relatively short history is summarized in this article.

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5 Tips for Improving Reverse Logistics
March 26, 2019

For most companies, product returns are an inevitable — if unpleasant and potentially costly — part of doing business. Reverse logistics is the process of tracking a product’s life cycle in reverse: from the consumer back to the seller or manufacturer. While a business may not be able to recoup all of the costs associated with a return, a good reverse logistics strategy can help minimise losses and increase customer satisfaction.

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Logistics: the Invisible Industry
March 19, 2019

Logistics, known for being the "Invisible Industry", is the silent, immense construct that ensures that all of the things we take for granted work. After all, without shipping, storing, distributing, most of us would run out of food fast, not to mention the vast majority of the infrastructure shutting down. Every moment millions of logistics employees work, so that most of us can simply drop at the store to pick up some milk, have heating in our house, and even have electricity.

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Logmore Co-op Case: Artekno Smartbox - Advanced IoT Solution for Thermal Transport
March 15, 2019

Product development processes are always exciting, and successful cooperation projects even more so. Artekno Smartbox is one of those cooperative achievements, where two companies of different industries manage to create something new together.

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Reverse Logistics: Quick Start Guide
March 12, 2019

Most businesses concentrate the bulk of their efforts on getting a product off the shelves, out the door, and into customers’ hands. This makes good business sense. After all, you can’t make money without selling. However, what happens when a customer is dissatisfied with a product? Whether it’s the wrong size, not what the customer expected or just no longer needed, how does a business handle returns? How does it ensure customer satisfaction even when the buyer’s experience took a bad turn?

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What is Data Logging? [7/2019]
February 25, 2019

Data logging sounds complicated, but can actually make managing your supply chain a lot easier. Think about it. How much have you lost in goods damaged during transit? What if you could just prevent the damage in the first place? It’s a no brainer, right? And that’s exactly what data logging can do by implementing efficient monitoring. So what exactly is data logging? Take a look at this comprehensive definition of data logging and all its components.

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