December 20, 2021

Knock-Knock! Is It Your Christmas Present? How Logmore Helps Santa in His Hard Work of Improving the Supply Chain

The Supply Chain does not experience its best times. In this situation, a small detail can cause the butterfly effect, for better or for worse. That’s why Logmore works hard on increasing the chances of Supply Chain to survive this crisis by implementing several new features.

Transparency and visibility are the first priorities, and any promising solution seems to be worth trying if it has the slightest chance of speeding the processes and helping people get their parcels on time.

Packages get a voice with Scan Pages 

The status of your shipment should not be a guessing game. It is imperative to make it known to all the relevant stakeholders in the supply chain. You can enable the Scan pages feature and let the recipient know if the monitored conditions were stable or not. 

These Scan pages use universally recognized colors and signs, so your communications are kept smooth and precise. How can it be useful?

Now your package can communicate with your recipient
Imagine your container being stuck in the port of Vladivostok, waiting for the customs clearance. Why stuck and why in Russia? This port is now overloaded with ships and containers. Since the Ever Given incident has demonstrated how vulnerable the RPC’s maritime foreign trade infrastructure is, Beijing started to explore alternative routes, also through Russia.

So, your container full of game consoles is somewhere in the huge pile. After it has finally been cleared, your associate scans the QR code on the data logger attached to each box to check if the shipment and storage conditions during the clearance have been fine.

After scanning, the smartphone’s screen shows not only the status but also a personal message: “Something went wrong. Please, contact us via email,” or even “We’re too late! Christmas is over, please return the package to the sender.” You can also allow associates or warehouse workers (or even anyone scanning the data logger) to leave comments.

Scan Page

This additional level of clarity in communications is facilitated by our most recent update. Other features include adding the “End monitoring” button on the screen. With it, the receiver can end the monitoring process (aka “Mission”) when necessary.

Step up Quality Assurance and Reporting

Logmore provides you with a crystal clear report on any shipment; that’s no news! But now, you can get Excel and PDF reports for multiple shipments in three clicks. Hundreds of reports can be delivered to you or any other recipient, even outside of your team.

First click: Choose missions you’re interested in
Second click: Select the report type
Third click: Enter recipients’ emails, and press the download button.

Jokes aside, this update is crucial for running Quality Assurance and keeping all the stakeholders updated.

Is it a game-changer? 

We truly believe so. A thumbs-up can make a difference: the recipient knows that the goods were transported appropriately without analyzing complicated temperature graphs (leave it for the QA team). It does not necessarily tell anything about the quality of the product, but at least the recipient can be sure that the shipment conditions were acceptable. 

And it works the other way around. Realizing that the preferable shipment conditions were violated and contacting the admin on time can ensure that, for example, the vaccine is utilized within the next seven hours. Otherwise, the product would have been simply scrapped. Read our Help Center articles on how to implement the Scan pages and the Mass download feature.

Let’s make the supply chain more transparent, one scan at a time.

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