Wihuri Oy Aarnio Metro



The Aarnio Metro daily wholesale operator boasts over a hundred years of tradition in high-quality wholesales for day-to-day products in Finland. They offer an inventory of over 30 000 products to a wide range of operators in the HoReCa sector, from fresh foods to convenience and alcohol.

The company operates nation-wide in Finland, securing quick delivery all over the country with its 20 outlets. The company is part of a major concern that also operates in packaging, aviation and technical trade.

Aarnio Metro had encountered issues related to temperature and humidity to a certain recipient company. The exact location and time of the issues needed to be pinpointed so that they could be fixed accordingly. Since the flow of goods was split as smaller shipments between a large amount of recipient offices, the tracking method needed to be agile and affordable.



Aarnio Metro had already heard of Logmore when the issues arose, and some of their stakeholders had praised the service. They decided to take the topic up with Logmore’s own Kimmo. Soon they received their first order of Logmore QR tags.

“[Our internal] testing round went well and we’re happy with how the loggers work. I believe we will get a lot out of the loggers once we finish setting up our processes.”

With a simple adjustment of the logger settings, Logmore’s service now suits Aarnio Metro’s use case precisely.



After implementing condition tracking with Logmore QR tags, the Aarnio Metro outlet has managed to correct the issues they used to have with the particular recipient’s shipments. Having found the method easy and clear, they have since tracked other shipments and corrected things that could have otherwise become issues in the long run.

“We’ve had good results, especially after receiving concrete proof on where and when the issues related to reclamations on shipment temperature and humidity occurred. Now we can use the data to avoid these reclamations in the future by securing those shipments ahead of time. We’re happy with the product and our [user] experience with it.”

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