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TimeLog24 is an established player in pharmaceutical logistics with a core philosophy centered around strong customer relationships and top-tier safety standards. Their extensive experience, supported by a network of over 50 skilled drivers and logistics specialists, modern vehicles, and a state-of-the-art Pharma Logistics Center ensures the secure transportation of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. Their certifications include GDP, ISO 9001, LBA, AEO and they comply with all relevant EU regulations. TimeLog24’s focus on technology and innovative equipment in combination with their commitment to safety and security made it a perfect match for Logmore. Indeed, they were one of the first partners to find a new use case for the versatile Logmore loggers: Temperature Mappings.

Temperature Mappings: 

Companies who operate in highly regulated industries such as pharma- or healthcare logistics are required to comply with strict regulation guidelines to ensure product and patient safety. Temperature mapping is often an important part of regulatory compliance as it involves the systematic monitoring of temperature variations within a vehicle or container used to transport sensitive products. The purpose of temperature mapping is to ensure that the temperature-controlled environment remains within specified temperature ranges throughout the entire journey.

Warehouse spaces need to be temperature mapped to make sure conditions are even and safe

Challenges with former Temperature Mapping solution:

Price Constraints: Single-use USB loggers incurred significant costs as these loggers had to be replaced after every temperature mapping, making it an expensive and unsustainable solution.

Tedious Data Handling: The process of data collection, read-out, and consolidation was labor-intensive and time-consuming. Each individual USB logger had to be manually downloaded and its data consolidated, resulting in significant resource expenditure.

Reporting Bottleneck: After data consolidation, the generation of temperature mapping reports required additional manual effort. Reports had to be prepared and shared individually, which was not only time-consuming but also prone to human error.

Data Availability Concerns: If a USB logger was misplaced, not returned, or if data was not correctly read-out, it resulted in irrevocable data loss. This presented a considerable risk, potentially requiring the repetition of the entire temperature mapping process.



The Logmore solution:

Timelog24 office strategically located close to Frankfurt Airport

Cost Savings: With Logmore's reusable data loggers, TimeLog24 reduced the cost of temperature mappings by 50%. The shift to reusable loggers did not only prove to be a significant cost-saving measure, but also contributed to more eco-friendly and sustainable operations. 

Streamlined Data Handling: Logmore's solution eliminated the need for manual data consolidation and reduced time spent on data handling by min. 25%. Logmore loggers are read-out quickly while automatically storing and consolidating the temperature data in the Logmore Cloud freeing up valuable resources.

Efficient Reporting: The Logmore Cloud enables automated report generation based on pre-configured temperature thresholds. Reports can be safely and digitally accessed by all relevant parties and their quality departments via the Logmore Cloud. 

Data Security: With Logmore, the risk of data loss was minimized. The digital storage of data provided peace of mind, ensuring that all temperature data was securely preserved for compliance as well as auditing purposes.



The Results:

Also the loading area of Timelog24's refrigerated trucks need to be temperature mapped

The new application of Logmore loggers for Temperature Mappings proved TimeLog24’s innovative mindset and commitment to technology and compliance.

Using Logmore loggers for Temperature Mappings yielded significant enhancements in terms of efficiency, especially for the employees involved in data collection, consolidation and reporting, who report time-savings of minimum 25%. On top of this, TimeLog24 also saved 50% in logger costs for their temperature mappings.

TimeLog24 and Logmore continue to work together to refine and optimize their temperature mapping processes. Their collaborative success story serves as an inspiring example of how innovation sometimes also means finding new applications for existing products.

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