Finnish Prisoner Healthcare Vankiterveydenhuolto



Working with a strict budget in the public sector

The Finnish Prisoner Healthcare organization Vankiterveydenhuolto (abbreviated VTH, website only available in Finnish) presents yet another interesting Logmore case, combining the pharmaceutical industry’s needs with its own unique twist. As a public sector organization, it is tasked with organizing the healthcare services to all prisoners in Finland. The Finnish public healthcare is one of the best in the world, and VTH abides the same service principles and practices. Furthermore, their goal is to create and provide the best prisoner healthcare services in the world.

Like any pharmaceutical organization, VTH needs and wants to make sure that the medical goods they use are in good condition while also minimizing the amount of spoilage that occurs during shipping and storing. And since VTH is responsible for both storing and distributing the needed medical supplies to all Finnish prisons, there’s a lot of shipping and storing involved in the process.

The purchase and implementation processes for new products and services is obviously quite different between public sector and private sector organizations. Many know that the public healthcare expenses are on the rise, and because of that, new implemented solutions need to save money in the long run in order to keep the system functional. Suffice to say, large investments on infrastructure would not be possible.



Medical-level monitoring on a budget

Much like in the case of the Finnish Association of Pharmacies, Logmore QR tags were found to provide the much needed capability for parcel-level accuracy without having to invest in expensive scanners. And perhaps best of all, the service required next to no instructions and was easily adopted by employees with knowledge that vastly differs from that of your typical logistics expert.



Precise reporting for minimal effort

The healthcare field in the Finnish public sector has been under-resourced for a long time. The implementation of Logmore QR tags has allowed the Vankiterveydenhuolto staff to spend less time on the monitoring process thanks to the alert system. Having alerts pre-made for shipments and shipments (or "missions" in Logmore terms) handy in a few clicks is a god-sent to the organization working with limited time and money.

What's the most important, however, is that the Vankiterveydenhuolto operations are closely monitored with regular audits. With a clear, automated reporting system in place, finding the right report for the period is no more a challenge - and a regular auditor could even be given reading access to the collected data, making the auditing process even smoother.

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