Nordic Packaging Giant



Packages of all sizes and shapes, around the world

The customer is a global industrial packaging manufacturer specializing in complete packaging solutions that reduce their customers' total costs while minimizing environmental impact. The customer is a leading provider of packaging solutions within the segments of telecom, energy, industry, vehicles, healthcare and aerospace. Since the company was founded in the 20th century, it has grown into a prominent market-oriented company in the global packaging industry.

As a service provider the customer wants to ensure the quality of their services for their customers. As a prime example, a major customer of theirs uses packages to ship hazardous materials safely worldwide.



Filling the gaps with previously unavailable data

The customer implemented Logmore QR tags into their operations and used the API tool to integrate the Logmore Web into their own systems. As in all Logmore cases, the QR tags are much easier to recycle and reuse than the traditional loggers.

The QR tag fills the gaps between different shipping modes. As the other methods for monitoring would be generally too expensive, Logmore QR tags help provide the recipient with valuable information on what has happened even when transmitters cannot be used. This allows the company to gain valuable data that was not available before this.

Easily integrated, Logmore QR tags can now be a permanent part of many customer's packages.



Complete integration for customer satisfaction

Logmore QR tags came handy to the customer due to the amount of functions they come with for a measly price, allowing valuable information from the parts of the supply chain that may have previously been completely unmonitored. This allows the companies to gain valuable data that was not available before.

Moreover, with both the systems and products integrated, the customer could allow their own clients data access through their own IoT platform.

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