Magnum Medical Finland



Swift and reliable shipping from wholesaler to suppliers

Magnum Medical Finland Ltd is a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler, whose clients include healthcare professionals throughout Finland. In addition to providing pharmaceutical logistics services, Magnum Medical Finland markets selected healthcare equipment, supplies and nutritional supplements.

The Finnish company, founded in 2004, is a part of the Magnum Group, a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler and retailer in the Baltic States. Speed and reliability are key themes in the company's services.

The healthcare industry has strict regulations and requirements for the shipping and storage of life-essential products. The reliable delivery of healthcare products is a matter of life and death, and damaged products or medicines can quickly cause life-threatening situations. However, in the global scale, up to 40% of all pharmaceutical products are spoilt before reaching the user. Committed to not losing products to incorrect handling, Magnum Medical Finland needed a temperature monitoring solution that could be scaled to any amount that might be necessary while being user-friendly for the end-customers.



Usability + instructions = quick & easy

Magnum Medical Finland chose Logmore through a mutual piloting project in 2018. The pilot period allowed for careful design of practices and guidelines that made the already easy-to-use service quite foolproof.

Now Magnum Medical Finland places a Logmore QR data logger attached to a special template into their shipment boxes. Once the QR data loggeris in the box, the next step is for the recipient - be it a pharmacy, a hospital or a supplier - to scan retrieve the data. To make sure that even someone who has never seen a Logmore QR data logger can handle the task, the template includes thorough instructions. To make it even simpler, the person scanning the QR logger only needs to check whether the QR logger's set limits have been broken or not, indicated by a red thumb down or a green check mark. Even color blindness is not an issue, as the icons are very different.

Once the QR logger has been scanned, it is ready to be delivered back to Magnum Medical Finland for re-use. Depending on the original destination, the QR loggers may be collected and send back to the Magnum Medical Finland main storage in bulk or a couple at a time to ensure efficiency.



Speed and reliability, confirmed and ensured

By implementing Logmore QR data loggers in their shipments, Magnum Medical Finland can now monitor their shipments on a parcel-level, ensuring that every package is usable. The end-customer can now rest easy without a worry about the security and usability issues associated with the traditional USB loggers.

From Magnum Medical Finland's own perspective, all of the collected data is now safe and secure in a single place. As the temperature can be checked instantly for the whole shipping process at a single time for each logger, reacting to issues and risks is faster and therefore more reliable. Having the loggers pre-calibrated tops off the reliability for the company, as there is no time wasted on testing and calibrating the loggers.

Watch this video to see how Magnum Medical Finland uses Logmore QR loggers in practice:

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