Industry-leading multinational electronics manufacturer



An old multinational company in the industrial sector has been shipping their products all around the world. The complex logistics cycle has proved to be sometimes hazardous for their products and caused malfunctioning devices and problems for their customers. Their products can weigh up to dozens of kilograms and are sensitive to shocks and falling. Also wrong temperatures and humidity causes problems through condensation. Sometimes it takes months before the products arrive to their end-users.



The Logmore Three QR data logger allows the company to keep track the whole logistics cycle. Whether the delivery takes a few days or a few months, the receiver will know exactly what has been going on. The long-lasting battery makes using a single tag for several years possible, while the records will stay in the memory of the device.



QR tags are attached on the devices, but also sometimes outside the packages. Reading the code while it’s in transit keeps the headquarters up-to-date where it’s going and how has the package been handled so far. By placing two (or more) tags to different places inside the packages makes it possible to have more information. Temperatures and humidity can differ from the top and bottom part of the packages used for deliveries.

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