How Envirotainer Integrates Logmore to the CryoSure® Platform to Secure Pharmaceuticals Shipped in Dry Ice



Cold chain shipping mishaps lead to ruined pharmaceuticals and lives at risk. Envirotainer's mission is to create the easiest and safest dry ice shipping solution to minimize the risk of such mishaps and to secure vital pharmaceuticals. The CryoSure® platform emerged as the solution, to provide superior duration and usability. The container keeps the extreme cold for up to three weeks without dry ice refills.

Envirotainer wants to expand its operation to be able to provide the healthcare and cell and gene companies easy to handle logistics, worry-free, and reliably. For this, they released the CryoSure® unit to complement their active and passive containers and ULDs.


Envirotainer has developed the CryoSure® to be suitable for many ultra-cold chain uses such as cell and gene therapies. Designed with extreme demands in mind, the solution comprises a range of dewars. The heat resistant dewar boasts three weeks without the need for refilling dry ice, and unparalleled ease-of-use.

With the container ready to secure even the most demanding shipments, Envirotainer wanted to complete the package with a smart element: an integrated transparency solution.

The CryoSure® service that Envirotainer wants to offer needs an agile and simple solution to:

1. Check the integrity of the product inside the dewars

2. Share the temperature reports

3. Keep offering the data through the Envirotainer online portal

Difficulties arose as the industry has a lot of solutions to offer. Still, some specific CryoSure® features demanded a data logger that was able to monitor temperature with a probe, while being able to transmit the data without opening the dewar. 



Multiple solutions were tested, but Logmore’s data logger with the external sensor proved to be the perfect fit to the CryoSure®. The dewars must be able to be opened, and stored into their cardboard boxes, and therefore the size and the device and the probe connection were a key for the success of the packaging and its use.

In the final integration, Envirotainer uses a tailored holder to control the optimal placement and usability of the Logmore loggers in the containers. The logger is attached to a dock at the end of a hooked positioning rod, the logger’s cable running down the rod into the container via a ventilation tunnel in the lid. As a result, the logger is always placed in the same position in the same way, operating along with the container’s structure. 

Moreover, the data uploaded through the cloud allows Envirotainer to extract the temperature measurements incrementally, along the dewar’s journey, and display it in their own portal, which was not possible so far with other passive devices.


"The Logmore Dry Ice logger is the perfect solution for our shipment report service. It is innovative, easy to use, and reliable, just like CryoSure®, making it a great match” says Linus Wollentz, Head of Digital Services at Envirotainer.

The ease of use and Envirotainer’s superior logistics and station network are additional factors for efficiency and a sustainable supply chain.



The implementation time was very brief, the technical teams were able to communicate smoothly for a quick first release of the monitoring solution. Envirotainer's digital team remained available to exchange about use cases and potential development, and challenged Logmore to keep improving the level of service, we expect the collaboration to expend to provide more services to Envirotainer’s customers.

By integrating Logmore loggers into the CryoSure® containers, Envirotainer now has an universal, easy to use way of recording and proving temperature history within each individual CryoSure® unit. In addition to the physical integration, all the data flows into the CryoSure® platform for the quality assurance to keep track of each unit’s performance, complete with what has been done with the unit, it’s departure and destination points.


According to Envirotainer’s calculations, CryoSure® is the most sustainable solution of its type on the market. The reusable dewars are noticeably less bulky than others and have two to three times better weight to volume efficiency compared to existing dry-ice boxes. With the integrated Logmore data loggers, the users can verify this in their own use cases every day.

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Ship it like lives depend on it. CryoSure® it.

About the customer, Envirotainer, in their own words:

Envirotainer is the global market leader in secure cold-chain solutions for intercontinental transport of pharmaceuticals. The company develops, manufactures, and offers leasing of innovative container solutions and dewars for cryogenic shipping, including validation, support, and service, for pharma products that require a controlled environment. Thanks to a truly global presence with the world’s largest active container fleet, the most extensive network, and more than 35 years of industry expertise, Envirotainer is able to meet the customers' need for innovative and reliable solutions - available from any location to any destination. The company operates through an open, global network of airlines, forwarders and couriers and the headquarters is located outside of Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, please visit

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