Gepork’s main products, semen of various cattle, is very delicate and sensitive to even slight changes in temperature. With customers all over Europe, care must be taken during the shipping and storing. Quality walk-in coolers and shipping cool containers allow the company to keep the products in the right temperature, but the lack of integrated monitoring could have become a problem. Without it, the company had no data records to prove the high quality of their services.



Logmore’s QR Tags proved to be the optimal solution to fit into the process. As a brand-new innovation, Logmore also matches Gepork’s will to stay on top of their industry.

The speed and effortlessness of data retrieval makes it possible for Gepork employees to check cooler temperatures daily, and they can be sure of maintaining exactly the right temperatures. Even the less technologically adept employees have grasped the data retrieval process quickly.

While internal quality monitoring matters more to Gepork, showing the data to customers allows both parties to stay on the same page and avoiding any potential conflict on correct handling processes.

Adjustable measuring intervals come in handy for the company as well, allowing the team to monitor coolers and the warehouse at suitable paces without compromising data quality.



With Logmore’s service, Gepork now quickly knows if anything happens to the product temperature during the shipping process. Staying on the process allows the company to react to changes without delay and to further minimize the risk of losing products.

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