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Culinary Team Finland represents Finland in Culinary Olympics and other world-class culinary championship competitions. If high-end kitchens have extreme requirements for their materials, Culinary Olympics takes this to a completely new level. When the best chefs of multiple countries dish it out, the materials don’t only need to be the best – their handling throughout the process needs to be the best as well.

A superb cold chain is one of the keys when you’re going for the championship medals. The jury judges the food, the team’s performance, and requires thorough reports on the materials before passing out their judgement. Only the best can be enough.

Whether the team is practicing or competing, they’re bound to move around a lot. Kitchens present a unique environment for monitoring due to grease and other similar variables, and all avoidable obstacles need to be eliminated.

The Culinary Team Finland certainly has perfected their processes: they’ve landed gold, silver and silver in the latest three Culinary Olympics.




Tapio Bergström, the leader of the Culinary Team Finland came across Logmore through a recommendation from a mutual connection. Soon after getting the recommendation to “ditch those USB loggers”, Tapio found his way to the Logmore Shop and ordered a batch of QR Tags to replace the old loggers.

Logmore QR Tags ended up becoming the solution the team uses for monitoring temperatures both during material shipping between Finland and Germany and in their practices.

This way we could get a precise report on temperatures to show to the judges.



With a little help from the Logmore service, the Culinary Team achieved a silver medal in the 2020 Culinary Olympics. With data being an important element to the jury these days, data retrieval came in handy to the team.

“The level of competition had risen a lot since the 2016 Culinary Olympics, but we managed a bullseye performance and can be proud of our silver medal. Logmore QR Tags are really good and fulfilled expectations exactly. And earned us some envious glances from the other contestants. Using them is easy and effortless, and retrieving the needed data is accessible.”
- Tapio Bergström, Leader of the Culinary Team Finland

What the team found out in their unique environment was that the constant grease caused the QR Tags to fall of from their initial positions – something that ended up being a useful lesson as well. Thanks to their ruggedness, all QR Tags remained intact despite the harsh conditions, and attaching them with a thicker tape was easy and solved all the issues.


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