What to replace an outdated temperature monitoring system with?

Artekno is a Finnish packaging specialist. For over 65 years, they’ve developed different packaging solutions for industrial and commercial uses, evolving as technology evolves while staying loyal to environmental ideals.

By 2018, the previous circumstance monitoring system Artekno had been utilizing was coming to the end of its life cycle. As the old methods weren't enough anymore, they decided to turn to newer technology,



Direct integration into company systems

The potential of the QR Tag was seen early on at Artekno thanks to its affordability and reliability. The company decided to participate in providing practical experimentation in using the QR Tag in temperature sensitive logistics. In early 2018, Artekno, Logmore and Juvenes, a major Finnish restaurant service, ran a pilot project in central kitchen logistics. The experiences were found to be beneficial for all parties involved.



New service innovation in the field of IoT solutions

Cooperation with Logmore lead to the creation of a new integration product, the Artekno Smartbox. The Smartbox combines the Logmore cloud service, QR Tag data loggers and the Artekno EPP thermo box into one complete package.

“We’ve had some excellent cooperation with Logmore, and we’re happy to be a part of a product development that won’t end with this first milestone!”, Artekno Engineering Manager Lauri Nurttila says. “Artekno is the number one HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe) and temperature logistics solution provider, and I expect the cooperation with Logmore to further solidify that position. With the Smartbox we have the most developed IoT solution for temperature monitoring in the industry.”

Watch this video to learn how Artekno uses Logmore QR tags for shipping and storing food:

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