Air Freight Provider



Monitoring shipping conditions efficiently without active transmitters

The customer provides air freight services to all around the world from Finland. Over a hundred different destinations in Europe, North America and Asia are included in the company's palette, for both people and cargo. Thanks to Finland’s geographical location, the company has unique connections between Europe and Asia.

Because of the large amounts of air freight shipped between countries, an efficient way to monitor the cargo is a necessity. Air freight presents a challenge no other transportation method tends to have: no active transmitters can be used. In other words, the monitoring devices need to have no constant connection to the outside world, but the data still needs to be fast and easy to access.

In addition to monitoring their day-to-day air freight operations, the customer needed to implement a thorough temperature mapping for a pharmaceutical certificate.



Passive data loggers with wireless, 2-second data retrieval

Logmore QR tags were welcomed with open interest right from the start by the customer's representatives. The QR tags were perceived to suit the airfreight needs excellently: they require no connection to the internet, no gateway infrastructure to be built, and were so affordable that hundreds of containers could be monitored for a lot more efficiently.



Precise history data on individual container level

The temperature mapping for the pharmaceutical certificate worked out fast and effortlessly with Logmore QR tags.

The efficiency of the temperature mapping project led to similar projects in aeroplanes, confirming the previously presumed suitability of Logmore QR tags for air freight as well. The reporting tools available in Logmore Web also proved to be invaluable to the company, with both the downloadable sheets and the graphs seeing a lot of use.

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