June 27, 2019

Logmore Feature: Report Exports

An often overlooked feature, accessible reports are vital for many use cases. Whether you need to be able to present the data to superiors or public authorities, having to look for the needed excel sheets is bothersome. Fortunately modern technology allows us to provide all the data in both downloadable and 100% online formats.

Why reports matter

Data is a key to improvement. Like I said in the post Three Reasons Data Logging is Vital for Your Pharma Company, when you use a suitable data logger to monitor what your products go through during shipping and storing, you can not only be certain of the validity of your goods yourself, but can also show the data to any authorities and superiors asking about your operations, and even to the end-users if the logger is exceptionally efficient.

The trust attained with transparent operations is what earns your company the credibility that secures you new partners and customers - and a good reputation all around. And of course, you get to see yourself what you can work on if you notice something that could be improved.

Accessing reports

The reports can be accessed on both mission and logger pages of the Logmore Web. To access a mission or a logger's data, simply click "open" on the relevant list page. The link to the downloads can be found right after the measurement history section of the pages, before the location data.

Reports can be downloaded from the mission and logger views in Logmore Web.

By clicking the "View as list or download Excel" button, you'll be redirected to a page where you can choose your reporting method. Currently there are three different options: online list, excel file, and CSV file. At the time I'm writing this, PDF format downloads are being developed and well under way.

Regardless of the format, the data is the same. It all comes down to preference, be it your own, your superior's or that of other authorities.

The reports come with a basic chronological sorting setting: either newest or oldest measurements first.

Available reports

There are two main types of reports, one for missions and one loggers.

In addition to online lists, the reports are available as Excel and CSV sheets.

A small extra

As a nice tidbit of information at the end, you can also share your reporting view online if you wish. Whether you're sharing that data within your organization or with someone else, the feature can come extremely handy in many use cases. You can find the share button on both mission and logger pages near the left top corner, where you also see the mission's or logger's name and ID number.

Clicking the share button at the top of the mission and logger pages gives you shareable link. With it, the recipient can access the shared page easily without logging in.

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