A comprehensive condition monitoring solution for any industry

You can use Logmore for just about anything.
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Trusted by the industry

Companies of every size, shape and kind have already made Logmore part of their supply chain.

Our shared vision of our mission around the cold chain issues and the safety of the patient has transformed our partnership into an evident collaboration. Logmore’s user-friendly technology offers accurate, secure, and traceable data without the user being restricted to specific equipment.
Laurence Labranque

Logmore is up to 10x cheaper than traditional USB logger

Logmore QR data logger

100 loggers

Traditional USB logger

100 loggers

Work needed

6 working days / year

160 working days / year

Setup time

15 sec to install tag

5 min to configure and install

Scanning time

5 sec at destination scanned with any smartphone or QR-code reader

5 min at destination information downloaded with dedicated equipment

Data saved

All logged information saved to Cloud automatically

All logged information saved to the specific piece of equipment

PDF reports

Encrypted data

Data available during delivery

Parcel level information

User permission groups

100 loggers, continuous 12 months usage. Data download every 5th day (total 70 times / logger)

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Powerful platform to track, get insight and scale your operation

Logmore QR data loggers track condition data (temperature, humidity, light and shocks) based on what is relevant for you.
Attach the Logmore QR data logger and link the logger ID to your shipment with a new Mission in the cloud.
Logmore QR data loggers save the collected condition data to the cloud with every scan.
View reports, deviations and charts directly in the Logmore Web.

Logmore Cloud brings it all together

Track what you need. Create missions and manage your fleet of thousands of data points from one powerful, open cloud interface. Everything is stored in the cloud and open for you to exploit.

Easy shipment monitoring

Logmore QR data loggers help you to measure the variables that matter to you.
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Sensors for all needs

Logmore QR data logger is equipped with accurate built-in sensors and enough internal memory for over 20 000 measurements. The amount of measurements stored in the cloud is unlimited.
Ambient light
Scan location

Certified sensors

Logmore sensors are always accurate, factory calibrated and certifications are available for you to download. Yearly calibration included.
* Exact amount varies based on selected measurement resolution settings`
20 000* measurements
Sensor Specs
Resolution can be configured to match the requirements of use case
** Interpolated estimate based on +-16G measurement range
Abs. accuracy ±0.5ºC
Resolution: 0.1ºC
Abs. accuracy 4 % RH
Resolution: 1 % RH
Shocks XYZ
+-16g & +-50g **
XYZ +-360'
Ambient Light
Relative usage only
Battery life
* Additional operations, such as repeating configuring of the Logmore QR data logger, may shorten the battery life
Up to 4* years
15 min measuring interval
Up to 10* years
Longer refresh interval
Size and Weight
44.2 mm × 46.2 mm × 6 mm; 15g
Certification and calibration
Always calibrated
Calibration certification accessible at Logmore Web for each Logmore QR data logger