May 2, 2022

Timo Ala-Kokkila starts as the Logmore CFO

With the recent growth, Logmore is bringing Timo Ala-Kokkila onboard as the company CFO.

Hi Timo. Could you share a couple of words on your background?

I joined Logmore after two and a half years at Aiven, where I was the first full-time financial employee. Aiven grew from 30 to 300+ employees during my time at the company, and it is one of the latest Finnish unicorn startups.

At Aiven the whole financial reporting was established along with the applicable tools during the past two years. A lot of time was spent on recruiting and overall team building. When it comes to team size or tools the situation at Aiven was very similar to where Logmore is at right now. 

We’re now going to build a world-class team with sound finance processes and tools. I plan to start with the basics, which is to have a monthly reporting process in place by the end of the summer. That way we’ll have a solid base to make more accurate forecasts. 

What sort of lessons are you bringing to Logmore from Aiven?

I especially learned to build a team during my time at Aiven, as I got to do that from scratch. When we’re talking about growth startups, the growth rate is so fast that you simply need to be well prepared for everything and that is exactly why I like startups – there will be challenges and there are seldomly boring days.

Before Aiven, I worked in other startups, and prior to that, I worked as an auditor in EY. All in all, I have 20+ years of experience in finance.

What do you expect from Logmore and your new role?

I joined Logmore as the new CFO. My primary purpose is to establish the company reporting process and support the company's growth from the financial management perspective. A key task is also to build up a basis for future financing rounds. 

The new, exciting part for me is working with a physical product, hardware. 

I initially got interested in Logmore after meeting with the founders of the company and Juha,  and Eero. It’s clear to me that there is a spirit of working together for a common goal among the team.

I’m glad to join the team already at this stage of the company’s development!