May 11, 2022

Reetta Piironen joins Logmore as Head of Sourcing

Logmore hires Reetta Piironen (ex-Vaisala) as the Head of Sourcing in April 2022. The new Head of Sourcing supports the company scale up by building the processes to guarantee the availability of components both for the new innovations and the existing product manufacturing.

Hi Reetta. Could you share something about your background? 

I worked the past ten years at the Finnish measurement device manufacturer Vaisala. At Vaisala my responsibilities included new product introduction and factory development. I led a team of 14. Being the first full-time sourcing manager at Logmore is such a contrast!

I am a Master of Science in Technology by education, and I’m a specialist in supply chain optimization.

Vaisala is another Finnish sensor company. What similarities and differences do you see between Logmore and Vaisala?

The focus of each company is very different. When you want the most accurate sensor for your super specific need, Vaisala is the place to ask. For Logmore, it’s more about the data than the sensors. 

When I started at Vaisala ten years ago, the company was in the same position as Logmore is now, in many ways. The processes were not standardized yet, but now they are. 

From my perspective, supporting the company growth via standardization is a key aspect. At Vaisala, we optimized the amount of vendors a lot. Too many vendors become too much effort to handle, and the optimization helped us make the process more scalable.

Logmore is a younger company and we don’t have similar processes as Vaisala. We have an opportunity to create standard processes before we start scaling them. The foundation needs to be in order before you build on it.

How do you see your new role at Logmore?

I will build standard processes to ensure we have the components we need for our new and existing products. Supplier base is relatively small in Finland. Especially now that we are developing new products, knowing who to call to inquire about specific components for specific needs is useful. 

I’ll work the closest with our manufacturing and product development teams. Manufacturing for establishing the processes to support the existing products. Product development for figuring out what we need for new products, and where can get it.

Investigating quality assurance issues is also on my desk. If there is something wrong with a supplier, it of course needs to be solved.

One of the first challenges I need to focus on are the problems related to global component shortage caused by the COVID pandemic.

What are you looking forward to the most in working at Logmore?

At Logmore, everything is possible. That attitude convinced me. In a huge corporation you’d always have someone who tells you why something could not be done. Things are not like that here, and it is refreshing.

I’m happy to see such curiosity and openness towards new things in the team. The world is open, we need to think big!