June 7, 2019

Logmore Wins the start.hub Logistic Start-Up Contest

We're happy to announce that Logmore has won the start.hub Logistic start-up contest at Transport Logistic, the world's leading trade fair for logistics and transport. We're honored, as the competition was really tough and any of the participants would have deserved the win.

Transport Logistic 2019 is about to end, and the start-up competition at the start.hub Logistic start-up space ended already. After three days of intense competition, pitching and rallying, Logmore emerged as a winner. Thank you so much for your votes!

Niko & Jarmo of Logmore attended the Transport Logistic event and lead Logmore to victory.

So many people, so many companies

Transport Logistic is probably the most established logistics trade fair in the world. With over 40 years of experience in Munich, Germany, the amount of visitors is closing in on a hundred thousand. The amount of exhibitors is similarly immense: over 2,5 thousand companies participated the fair as exhibitors this year. Two out of every three countries of the world were represented on the fair as well. I'm quite certain that no single person could experience everything the fair has to offer by themselves!

start.hub Logistic start-up contest

The start.hub Logistic platform was a new concept in the 40-year-old trade fair. The objective of the new concept was to "bring together interesting and innovative logistics industry start-up ideas". The start.hub Logistic concept included a bar for connecting with the participating start-ups, a stage for daily, exciting start-up pitches as well as presentations and interviews, and the "blue sofa", a place for interviews with important industry players hosted by the DVZ (Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung).

Logmore's very own Niko Polvinen pitching the company to the TL audience.

As a part of the start.hub Logistic concept, a contest was held to choose the start-up of the year from a roster selected by a jury comprising of industry representatives. 17 start-ups entered the ring on the first day, 8 survived to the second round.

Here's a list of all the participating start-ups as well as the round they made it to

CargoSteps (Round 2)


Dizzbo (Round 2)

Evertracker (Finalist)

Forward (Finalist)

IMPARGO (Finalist)

Logmore (Winner)





Sirum (Round 2)

Smartlane GmbH


TankContainerFinder (Round 2)


The rise to victory was exciting, to say the least. According to the news after second round, we barely made it to round 2, but rose to the lead for the finals, and in the end, won the whole competition. We were the only non-German company in the race after the first round, which might have been one of the advantages we had - the international audience recognized us as a company of high potential and didn't focus on nationality. Or perhaps Finnish quality is what increased the trust in us. And of course, our very own Niko may well have run pitches so good that none could question them. He certainly has more experience in that than anyone else I know!

Whatever the reason, the competition was top-tier and exciting. Any of the participating start-ups could have won and in my opinion the victory would have been well deserved. I hope to see and hear more of the companies in the future, and perhaps even cooperate with them as well!

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