March 3, 2020

How to Improve Customer Experience in Logistics Businesses

Customer experience matters. And logistics companies are beginning to pick up on just how much it matters. In this guide, we’ll be looking at a handful of things a logistics business can do to achieve success in customer experience.

It’s incredibly important to be able to ship products quickly, have an open line of communication with clients, and to track different aspects of the supply chain. The latter is especially important for transportation companies that deal with live or fresh food. Being able to do these things efficiently can help a logistics company stand out from the competition. So how can a carrier or freight forwarder kick their customer experience up a notch?

How to Improve Customer Experience in Logistics Businesses

There are a number of ways a logistics company (such as freight forwarders, carriers, shippers, etc.) can improve customer experience. For the most part, this involves improved communication capabilities as well as data collection and analysis through software like Logmore. 

1. Communicate quickly

Speed is of the essence in logistics. If it’s a business inquiry or a question about a client’s previous order, your clients need to be able to get answers immediately.

Work on facilitating an online system for customer support and information. The days of the support hotline are quickly coming to an end, and customers now prefer being able to get the information they need through chatbots or live chat support.

This requires a bit more than dedicating a team to online support. Clients want answers that are speedy, consistent, and honest. Make sure to develop or invest in knowledge management solutions so that your support team has all of the access needed to answer more technical and complex questions.

2. Work with a team to reduce customer touch points

When a client submits a support request, they’re not too thrilled about getting passed around from representative to representative. They don’t want to hear from three or four different people-- they want to discuss their issue with one person and get the issue solved immediately. Clients should feel confident in your company.

Supply chain is a very unpredictable thing. Because of this, a logistics company needs to set up a line of communication between all relevant support teams so that brainstorming and problem-solving happens behind the scenes in a speedy manner. Collaboration and workspace software is useful for this situation.

3. Develop processes for training and learning

The world of logistics is constantly changing, growing, and going fast. Because of this, a logistics company’s support and sales managers need to constantly learn new things as new solutions and trends are implemented into the industry and overall business.

It’s crucial to provide training in a timely and effective manner to the team members and reps that need it. An all-access platform (such as the knowledge management software we mentioned earlier) is also useful in this situation. Materials, systems, and regions are constantly being removed and added to logistics businesses, and management needs to know about new and relevant information.

Daily check-ins and weekly reviews are both great solutions for consistent training as well.

4. There are a lot of communication channels out there-- so use them

As we mentioned previously, customers and clients want to be able to reach your support team in more convenient ways. Email and telephone support is simply not as popular as it used to be and consumers want to use online platforms for quick and easy support.

Many logistics support teams are providing customer support through SMS texting, live web chat, chatbots, and social media. Some popular live support platforms include Intercom, Drift, and Zendesk. There are quite a few SMS platforms one can use for providing live support, such as Twilio and Textline.

Social media is a growing popular option for support because it’s pretty much free to set up. Simply open a Twitter account, provide the admin credentials to your support team, and post your account via your website as your support line. It’s really quite simple.

5. Utilize the right software

Data logging and condition monitoring are extremely important for logistics companies. For transporters who deal with fresh food or medicine, it’s important to have software on hand that can monitor the temperature, humidity, and other relevant aspects of transport vehicles. Spoilage and waste are the biggest money-burners in the industry, and we’re seeing more technology pop up that can help prevent it.

Quality as a part of customer experience

We’ve established the value in good customer experience for logistics and freight industries. So what tools and software can one use to increase their business’s level of customer satisfaction? 

To start, using tools for properly monitoring freight conditions can make a huge difference for food and pharmaceutical clients. Because food spoilage and in-transit damage are very common for the types of products food and pharma companies transport, it’s imperative to use technology that takes care of monitoring temperature, humidity, shocks, light exposure, tilt, and real-time locations. When these conditions are properly monitored, the products get from point A to point B safely – something that food and pharma customers will appreciate.

Logmore is here to help monitor these conditions. We are a B2B information technology service provider for food and pharmaceutical logistics companies. Our service primarily hones in on the monitoring of temperature, humidity, and other environmental aspects of transporting goods and making the process as simple as possible.

Our platform is very scalable and can be used for airfreight, on-ground transport, warehouses, packaging, and more.

Are you ready to take the plunge and greatly improve how your business handles data logging and condition monitoring? We think getting a hands-on experience of our QR code-based tool is the best way to really see your possible use cases. Book a 30-minute demo today at