April 27, 2022

Lauri Lankinen joins Logmore as Head of Software Development

Lauri Lankinen joins Logmore as the Head of Software Development in April 2022. The ex-Vincit software team lead will focus my efforts to support Logmore’s growth by developing and scaling the software team and its operations.

Hi Lauri. Could you share something about your background? 

Sure, happy to! My few last years have been within the consultancy side of IT world. And more specifically helping large organizations to scale and manage both agile teams. Oh and sure,  helping organisations on agile transformation of business operations. 

But before my days in consultancy, I started off with my own company. This entrepreneurial spirit and holistic ownership of the big picture is something that I would call as my guiding principle in everything I do. Provided though that the consultancy part of my career has further helped me to broaden my skills and to embrace the opportunities with continuous change. Due to my diverse past, I tend to look at challenges from an optimist perspective, enjoying the process of solving issues and building teams in the meantime.

As an entrepreneur, I worked on logistics solutions. My honest and deep passion within the logistics domain is and will forever be data-driven optimization, especially in the last mile area. And maybe data visualization while we’re at it. Logistics is a unique domain that touches nearly everyone's life. And when implemented efficiently, goods flow smoothly, emissions are lessened and much awaited parcels get delivered smoothly. All of this requires well thought processes and data flows where IT solutions play a crucial role. This complexity is something I find interesting.

But getting back to track. My recent work history has taken me through three major tech domains: regulative technology (RegTech), financial technology (FinTech), and telecommunications. I’ve worked mostly with multinational teams in multinational environments. And this is where I’ve mostly found my home. Connecting people and creating cross-functional teams in multinational teams is my bravado.

My previous job was at Vincit, where I built and developed a software team in a business-driven way. All the while keeping close contact with my customer organization. To make this more interesting, I got to take an integral part in agile transformation for the customer organization. The team itself was a diverse group of twenty or so people distributed around Europe. Time with the team proved that you can work throughout the pandemic times and still create joyful working environments and culture even while working fully remote.

What similarities and differences do you see between Vincit and Logmore?

I feel Logmore and Vincit share the same belief in people as an essential part of company culture and overall buzz of day to day work. Everything stems from the combined effort of motivated people, be that either the work environment and attitude or the great change a company is able to affect through software & hardware. Furthermore, for a large part Logmore can be seen to be on the exact same path as Vincit was back in 2016 when it won the Great Place to Work award on European level. Scaling up with intention to keep focus on people and culture, this is where I see similarities between the two companies. The major difference though being that Logmore is much more focused on a singular business direction due to having a clear-cut service portfolio as opposed to consulting. 

What sort of lessons are you bringing to Logmore from Vincit?

From Vincit, I would say that the main elements and tools are developing and maintaining my teams and coaching my team members, building company culture, and unifying the community in a given organization.

From my entire career, especially on the entrepreneurial side of things, industry knowledge, and networks from the logistics industry. Also given the opportunity, some kick-ass data visualisations.

How do you see your new role at Logmore?

In short term, I will focus my efforts to support Logmore’s growth by developing and scaling the software team. We’ll also work on the agile software development methods and tooling. After all, agile is about mentality, not just the tooling.

Outside of my role immediate role description, I intend to participate in the intersection of business and software development. Software creates the most value when it serves the goals of the entire company. What I value especially is when there’s working communication both for future direction as well as for feedback on existing solutions. Providing such an environment means we can as a company iterate faster and build better solutions. So to summarize, focus on the value we as a company create for our customers.

What are you looking forward to the most in working at Logmore?

I feel it’s about increasing the feeling of purpose for both the software team and the other teams. Back at Vincit we had this motto and goal that you shouldn’t feel bad about going to work on Mondays. I want to make sure that keep that same mentality at Logmore as well. From what I have seen so far, we are there already. 

Sure there are some smaller practical things as well. Beyond developing our team, I have a focus on developing our software operations and making day to day work fun. Our team will start to demonstrate ongoing progress more often in demos and celebrate commonly achieved goals with rest of our Logmore colleagues.

Some open word

I have been really pleasantly surprised how much talent and motivation Logmore personnel bring together. Not to mention how my colleagues share a common vision of trying to build the best possible solution and doing that in a sustained and fun way. Logmore is in a really good place and I am honored to be now part of the scale up part of our journey.

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