May 11, 2022

Jussi Koski Starts as Logmore CPO: an Interview

Jussi Koski (ex-HERE Technologies) talks about his jump from a multinational tech corporation to a fast-growing startup.

Hi Jussi. Could you share something about your background? 

I come from HERE Technologies. I’m stationed in Berlin, where I’ve lived for the past 14 years after moving here to work for Nokia. Originally I’m from Finland, where I graduated as a Master of Sciences in Technology from what is now Aalto University.

My first role in the field was with the telecommunications company Sonera, where I worked on new mobile technologies. After 10 years of that I decided it was time to get more involved in building new things from the ground up, and joined Navicore, a startup developing navigation tech for mobile devices. The target market was growing fast, we had a great idea and product, but lacked the correct channel to break through to the large mass market. 

We were selling our product particularly for Nokia devices, and therefore it created a major business challenge that Nokia decided to acquire a competitor of ours, located in Berlin. We made some pivots, , built a new customer base, and a Swedish company ended up acquiring the company. I however realized that the old competitor acquired by Nokia had now the chance to provide navigation services for hundreds of millions of Nokia users - and decided to contact them. I joined the company to develop new map technology and user experiences. Most recently my focus has been building location services offering for enterprise customers and growing it to a major  business line for HERE. 

What similarities and differences do you see between your previous job and Logmore?

The field is similar. Transportation logistics is a familiar industry, especially from the perspective of location optimization. However, the angle is totally different. It’s a good opportunity to learn new things.

Another similarity is scaling a product line that has started with selling to only a handful of enterprise customers to something much broader. Building all of those operational models around the basic tech of the company.

And a third similarity is working with the customers. Many of the typical customers are similar operators in many ways. I believe there are many learnings that can be applied related to  the sales and marketing processes. 

As for differences, I think it’s a part of this enterprise to startup to enterprise to startup cycle of mine. I’m returning to the startup world once again. It’s a return to something more dynamic, more entrepreneurial, and in some ways more straightforward environment.

My previous company is one of the most international companies in the world. We had more than 70 different nationalities working in the Berlin office alone, offices in more than a hundred countries and lot of diversity. Logmore is still taking early steps in that sense.

What sort of lessons are you bringing to Logmore from your previous position?

Probably the experience in building scalable products, business and operational models. There have been many learnings - including very educating failures and scarves - on how to grow a sustainable business from scratch. I’ve also lived on three continents and worked with customers and partners globally, so perhaps there are also some learnings to apply.

How do you see your new role at Logmore?

I’ll start by learning and listening to people to find out what are the biggest expectations and challenges in the company. I’m especially looking forward to hearing the customer perspectives soon as well. 

The biggest immediate effort I see in front of me is crystallizing the operational plan,  translating the big goals to a coherent execution roadmap across software, hardware, marketingand sales. We have a positive challenge with a lot of customer interest and input, and need to channel that efficiently to develop our product further in a scalable fashion. 

What are you looking forward to the most in working at Logmore?

Based on what I’ve seen during this first week, I’ve got a great impression of the people and the talent here. I look forward to learning many new insights and perspectives  from these people.

I’m also eager to build new products and help to grow Logmore business bigger. Instead of slow, evolutionary grinding, it is refreshing  to do new, exciting things.

Some open word

I’m feeling great, very excited. I feel we have a lot of great people and ideas here. It’s an opportunity to learn so many new things.

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