March 15, 2019

Logmore Co-op Case: Artekno Smartbox - Advanced IoT Solution for Thermal Transport

Product development processes are always exciting, and successful cooperation projects even more so. Artekno Smartbox is one of those cooperative achievements, where two companies of different industries manage to create something new together.

The Finnish HoReCa solution provider Artekno Ltd introduced the advanced Artekno Smartbox just last weekend. The Smartbox is designed to make the managing of thermal sensitive goods by enabling efficient and safe thermal transport as well as transport tracking, without any separate software or accessories thanks to Logmore QR-tags. Artekno Smartbox is an easy-to-use and inexpensive packaging solution that includes an Artekno EPP thermal box integrated with a Logmore QR tag, and Logmore’s cloud service.

The world's first QR code -based logger for measuring temperature and location data has been developed by Logmore Ltd. The exceptional, advanced loggers enable tracking of shipments without requiring any separate software or add-ons to be installed. The shipping data is logged into the logger's internal memory and uploaded accurately to Logmore’s cloud service by simply reading the QR code on the logger's screen, which can be done even with a smartphone, even after long periods of unattended logging. The logger is battery-powered and works without charging for up to 4 years depending on the model type.

“The QR data logger is placed in a thermal box to monitor the realization of the cold chain and the right transport conditions. The cloud service stores measurement history, position data, and temperatures. The service can be used to retrieve transport history easily and quickly, even after years. When the logger is not used, it is conveniently stored on the Smartbox cover", says Tiina Nieminen, the Key Account Manager at Artekno Oy.

Artekno Smartbox is the industry's most advanced loT solution and Artekno's response to the demanding needs of the logistics industry. It meets all the relevant standards for monitoring food, medicine and blood. Tested and proved against the strict requirements set by Finland's laws, regulations and circumstances, the Smartbox is bound to make the life of hotel, restaurant and cafe employees easier than ever before, reducing the time and resources wasted on inefficient processes by a large margin.

“Artekno is Finland's market leader in thermal transport equipment, and Smartbox will further strengthen this position. With the Smartbox, we have the industry's most advanced IoT solution” says Artekno's Design Manager Lauri Nurttila.

You can get to know Artekno here, and read the press release here: Artekno launches the Smartbox.