Dry Ice loggers built for extra cold shipments

Logmore Dry Ice temperature data loggers redefine temperature monitoring of any cold chain shipments including usual fridge temperatures (2-8°C) all the way down to deep freeze levels of -100°C.


COVID-19 response: Get prioritized access to smarter condition monitoring for vaccine shipments with Dry Ice loggers.

Designed for fast global deployment

The smartest dry ice temperature data logger on the market, designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

External temperature probe

Track extremely cold shipments Built to withstand temperatures as low as -100 °C the external temperature probe also enables simultaneous measurement of inside and ambient temperature.

QR data logger

Certified sensors We take accuracy seriously. All loggers come with calibrated and certified sensors.

Tracks everything Temperature, Humidity, Shocks, Light through internal and external sensors.

Easy to read Track and view condition data using any smartphone or barcode scanner.

Smater and faster Works with existing infrastructure. Check status and collect measurements in a blink of an eye, with a phone.

No apps to install, no new infrastructure

Hassle free deployment

Track the conditions you need

Fast and reliable decisions

Designed for vaccine shipments

Maximum safety and security

Ready for global challenges

The Dry Ice logger is designed to solve the logistics challenge COVID-19 vaccines pose to supply chains. Save time, understand the whole journey and minimize human errors. Enterprise-level condition monitoring at any scale.

GDP compliant
NIST calibrated
High accuracy
EN12830 certified
Easy integrations
Safe for airfreight
Fast and reliable shipment status check
Automatic linking of logger and shipment
Shipment OK
New York ⟶  Geneva
16:05:36  CET
Shipment OK
Tokyo ⟶  Helsinki
03:02:15  CET
Shipment needs attention
Stockholm ⟶  Oslo
13:10:23  CET
Shipment OK
Paris ⟶  London
08:59:22  CET

Enterprise ready.
Cloud based.

Logmore’s novel QR code technology with both internal and external sensors saves time and ensures shipment conditions are within set thresholds.

Data collection

Smart loggers built to withstand extreme conditions. World’s first Dynamic QR data logger.

Scan + Analyse

Use any smartphone to scan the logger. Data is automatically uploaded to the cloud.

Fleet management + Report sharing

Logmore has everything you need to get started, but to get even more, connect Logmore into your company systems with our integration kit

Logmore for Enterprise

  • Created to meet the needs of global enterprises and the most demanding industries
  • Enterprise level data security
  • Automated reporting allows immediate action upon shipment arrival
  • Make data a part of your own systems via integration
  • Easily fulfill and manage calibration requirements without paperwork

Unique in so many ways.
Built for extreme cold.

Built for extreme cold

Use in temperatures as low as -100°C

Faster and smarter

Scan and auto-save data with any smartphone

Accessible reporting

Easy to understand messages and automated reporting for fleet management

Logmore Cloud brings it all together

Track what you need. Create missions and manage your fleet of thousands of data points from one powerful, open cloud interface. Everything is stored in the cloud and open for you to exploit.

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