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Logmore is up to 10x cheaper than traditional USB logger

Logmore QR data logger

100 loggers

Traditional USB logger

100 loggers

Direct costs

200 € / month

420 € / month

Work needed

6 working days / year

160 working days / year

Total cost

4 200 € / year

56 000 € / year

Setup time

15 sec to install tag

5 min to configure and install

Scanning time

5 sec at destination scanned with any smartphone or QR-code reader

5 min at destination information downloaded with dedicated equipment

Data saved

All logged information saved to Cloud automatically

All logged information saved to the specific piece of equipment

PDF reports

Encrypted data

Data available during delivery

Parcel level information

User permission groups

100 loggers, continuous 12 months usage. Data download every 5th day (total 70 times / logger)

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World's first QR data logger

Logmore QR data logger is the solution to truly enable end-to-end logistics monitoring.

No infrastructure needed

Data is collected with any smartphone or 2D scanner. No installations or changes to your infrastructure.

Sensors for all needs

Temperature, humidity, shocks, light and tilt. The data most relevant to you, in one data logger.

Reduce data logging costs up to 90%

Cost-efficient service saves you money and superior usability time.