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Sales Development Representative

Are you a sales-oriented person with a real interest to solve the problems customers might have? Great. At Logmore you'll have the opportunity to truly work to help B2B customers both big and small.
Helsinki, Finland

Who, what, why

“Freedom of work - choose where and how you work! Be part of a fast-growing global sales team, bring in your special skills and develop the sales process further. Know that the product you sell has a positive impact in reducing the waste in the world.”

Logmore reduces the loss and waste of pharmaceutical goods, food, chemicals, and other easily spoiled and damaged products in a global scale. Right now we're looking for future sales superstars to further boost our growth to a globally known industry leader.

We work as a team together with our customers ranging from the biggest brands to the local hospitals and pharmacies. You'll get to knock on the doors of billion dollar companies with an offer that's truly going to make their operations faster, safer and save them money. As a sales development representative (read: sales superstar) at Logmore you get to work with a logical pipeline of customer interactions.

Our unique marketing approach generates leads by providing a practical, hands-on experience of our service to the prospective buyer – converting those warm and hot leads is up to you. By the time you contact the lead, they already know how the service works. Your task is to simply fill in the gaps for their specific use case.

This position includes working on deals of all sizes in a vast range of industries with your skills in social selling, calls, and emails, or whatever other methods you happen to excel at. The tasks also include prospecting, but the main emphasis lies in opening new customer relationships in fast sales cycles.

We want to make this a great entry position for fresh graduates, new sales professionals as well as those who already have some experience at sales, be it B2B or B2C. You'll have the opportunity to grow with (and into) your tasks in a welcoming atmosphere, receiving new responsibilities as you become ready for them. While it may sound intimidating at first, B2B sales allows you to sell to people who are already interested in what you're selling, instead of requiring you to sell to unwilling consumers.

Does this sound like you?

We want to make this a great position for you regardless of your prior sales experience. Being experienced at either B2B or B2C sales helps, but don't be afraid to get in touch even if you're still starting your rise to the top.

Not being afraid of public conversation and social selling is a huge bonus.

So why Logmore?

  • You'll have the opportunity to grow with (and into) your tasks in a welcoming atmosphere.
  • We value the idea of freedom & responsibility. To us this means the freedom of choosing when, where and how we take care of our tasks through remote work, personally chosen tools and methods.
  • The potential for career progression is virtually endless, be it international sales, bigger accounts or management positions.
  • We're growing and going global really fast, so you get to join us at an extremely interesting time.
  • You get to make the world smarter, reducing the amount of waste global super corporations produce at a daily basis.

If you feel like we have something to offer to you, let us know through any method convenient for you. Give us a call, connect with any of us on LinkedIn, or maybe throw a digital note tied to a virtual brick through our online office window (please note that you may need to throw really hard).

Meet Niko, the leader of our sales organization (the guy you should contact if you want to join the team)

and the others you'd be working in close contact with: Jarmo, Kimmo & Jani.

Read our company culture blog post to get another glimpse of what it is like to work at Logmore.

You can reach Niko by phone (+358 50 430 4920), email ( or by clicking the button below.

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